Youth motivational speaker Chris Poulos is dedicated to improving the lives of young people and those around them. From his opening line to his closing quote, Chris captivates his audience like nothing you have experienced before. Chris is a multifaceted speaker featured at schools, colleges, and youth conferences throughout the county.

Since 1988, audiences around the world have been riveted to Chris’ words of wisdom and astonished by his athletic ability. Chris is truly in a league of his own, mesmerizing his audience with incredible bicycle stunts, while simultaneously engaging them on topics such as: respect, teamwork, bullying, cyberbullying, perseverance, self-discipline, mental health, and more. His energy and enthusiasm translate into a dynamic performance guaranteed to leave any audience spellbound.

Schedule “The Chris Poulos Experience” and have a real-life, world champion athlete spend the entire day and evening at your school, college, or conference. Chris’ visit is more than just a performance; it’s an event that will leave a profound and lasting impact on everyone in attendance!


Chris Poulos is the youngest of 5 siblings, born into a lower middle-class family in the inner city of Providence, Rhode Island. Although Chris received an extraordinary amount of love, affection, attention, and encouragement, growing up with ADHD caused him to be an extremely mischievous child. At age 2, Chris earned the nickname, “Trouble” (which his friends and family still call him to this day) when he disappeared from the backyard of his parent’s home. After an extensive search by his family, neighbors, and the police, he was finally found over a mile away riding his tricycle down the middle of a busy avenue. At Age 3, Chris’ parents had to call the fire department to get him off the roof of their two-story home. At age 5, Chris got his hands on his father’s circular saw, snuck into the attic, and cut a gaping hole in the roof of the house. At age 6, Chris finally found an outlet for his boundless energy and creativity when he started performing stunts on a bicycle!

Since 2000, Chris has become one of the most sought after youth motivational speakers in the country. Chris is the go-to-guy for schools, youth & teen conferences, and colleges that want to improve the character and self-esteem of their audience. Chris presently performs at over 150 locations per year.

Unlike many professional athletes, Chris has no sense of entitlement. He prides himself on being a humble, down to earth, regular guy, who is extremely grateful for all that he has been able to do in life. His motto is simple: “Success is not what you have. Success is what you do.”

Chris speaks in a straightforward way that young people can easily understand. He does not spout statistics or offer a “10 Step Program”. Instead, he uses anecdotes and experiences from his life as a world champion athlete to get the message across to young people. “I’m a motivational speaker who rides a bike. That’s my hook!” Chris instantly connects with his audience because they know he is real. He uses this connection to skillfully deliver content that the audience can immediately use to improve their own lives, as well as the lives of their peers.

In addition to being a world champion athlete and youth motivational speaker, Chris is the author of the new book, “Get The Most From Your Teenage Years: A Formula For EXTREME Success”, which will be hitting the bookshelves in 2016.

When not educating, motivating, and captivating audiences across the country, Chris enjoys spending quality time at home in Rhode Island with his 18 year-old daughter, Christa, and 16 year-old son, Todd. Chris believes that the most essential part of being a good role model to young people is first being a good father to his own children!

Chris Poulos travels from Rhode Island