A former pre-school teacher now standing on stages worldwide as the frontman of renowned Boston hardcore band, Vanna – Davey Muise lives his life by following his heart and pursuing his passions without fear of judgment.

Despite growing up in a broken home in New England, Davey viewed his situation as an opportunity to overcome his surroundings and use them as a platform to inspire others.

He’s harnessed the lessons he’s learned from living through depression, divorce, abandonment, and failure and used them to help inspire future generations to do better.

Davey uses his music as a vessel to tell youth across the globe that they are not alone in their fight; that although we may feel weak and useless on our own, we can band together and become a force enough to foster real change in our lives and event in the lives of others; that we can “find our shovel” and dig ourselves (and others) out of negativity we may be buried in.

Today, Davey has dedicated his life to being about people. Whether it’s touring with his bands, producing in a studio or working one on one with students, he takes the values he’s learned with punk rock and brings them to the world. He has brought those ideas to life with his nonprofit Shovel Brand, in which he raises money to help clothe homeless and at risk students in his community and, one day, the globe. Davey’s overall message is sure to hit home with everyone who hears it. Davey’ s mantra is sure to echo in your heart, mind and soul forever: “I believe in you if you believe in me.”



Davey uses his music as a vessel to tell youth across the globe that they are not alone in their fight; that although we may feel weak and useless on our own, we can band together and become a force strong enough to foster real change in our lives and even in the lives of others; that we can “find our shovel” and dig ourselves (and others) out of the negativity we may be buried in.

Today, Davey tours non-stop with Vanna, who have played in front of audiences in over 20 countries and sold nearly 100,000 records worldwide.

Davey and his wife are also invested in Hope For The Day, a non-profit organization dedicated to suicide awareness and prevention.

Davey’s message is sure to resonate with your youth well after his visit and his mantra will echo for years to come: “I believe in you if you believe in me.”

Speaking Programs

Davey will elaborate on a lot of the lessons he shared in his episode of The Harbor – what he’s learned from being adopted, seeing his family go through divorce, living in a single-family home, drug abuse, depression, etc. Although his assemblies will discuss some serious topics, Davey will also focus more on how we can find the shovel to dig ourselves out of our rut; how we can find that thing we’re so passionate about that it will see us through all of our hardships. Whether it be music (as in David’s case), art, sports, or just stepping outside of our comfort zone and working hard at something we want – Davey feels we can all find a way to help ourselves and then lend a helping hand to others.


Davey was a tremendous speaker and an inspiration to the students. We used him as our kick-off to our anti-bullying theme for the year, which is “Overcoming Adversity”. The students and staff could not be more complimentary to Davey and his presentation. The kids were totally taken by his words and appreciated his candor. You know a presentation is good, when a large amount of students stay behind to meet the speaker and take pictures even though they would be late for lunch. Davey is a wonderful and a true inspiration to us all. – Rick Delmnonaco – Clark Public Schools – Arthur L. Johnson High School

Davey really connected with our students, especially our most at risk. We have brought in speakers each year and most of our seniors said that they liked Davey the best (or second best next to Mike Smith). We are a diverse school and Davey’s message was on point. Highly recommend him to any school that is super diverse or that has a high at risk population. – Kristin Murphy – Mountain View High School

I wanted to share with you the impact he had on my daughter. She is a freshman at Blue Valley High School. She is a really great kid and gets a lot of grief for the fact that she is a “goody-goody”. It’s not often that she attends an assembly that stops her in her tracks. She has not stopped talking about Mr. Muise. His story truly impacted her. I just thought you should know. – Marie King 

Davey had a great presentation. The feedback from the youth was very positive. We are happy to have found him on recommendation.  – Alicia Towery –  Jefferson County Health

We send a group of teachers to the Jostens Renaissance conference every year. Last summer, Davey was a keynote speaker. After hearing his message and knowing that our Renaissance theme this year was Kindness, our whole team wanted to bring him in to speak with our students. Davey’s story and message of caring and kindness fit perfectly. The one phone call that can be made to someone and change that’s person’s trajectory or path is a strong message for our students to hear. – Dustin Horras – Horizon Middle School

Davey was awesome! He was engaging, energetic, and gave a powerful message! The best part was his willingness to stick around for nearly 2 hours to meet and talk with students. We loved having him!!! –  Mark Brown – Horizon Newberg High School

Davey was phenomenal! We had weather issues and he was flexible with moving our dates. He spoke six times over two days and worked with my students to build a cohesive assembly that highlighted the importance of recognizing HIB topics and identifying and aiding those with mental health issues. Our students responded very favorably and were captivated by his story. I would highly recommend using Davey in the future! Sarah LeDuc –  ASB Advisor – Arthur L. Chiawana High School

Davey was great! His message was on point with what the school wanted. He was very professional and the kids loved him. I can not thank him enough. . – Trent Schauster – Yearbook Rep – Jostens

I wanted to send a HUGE thank you to everyone involved who helped us coordinate and get Davey to our facility today. The impact Davey made is beyond my hopes and dreams. Connecting Davey with our youth felt like reuniting peanut butter with Jelly. He was AMAZING!!!! I can’t say thank you enough. Watching the response the youth had after Davey’s speaking events just goes to prove that having him out here was exactly what our youth needed. Our youth felt connected and truly heard the words he was speaking. It’s not often I get tears in my eyes, but watching the youth gravitate to him, thank him for his time, and tell him his words were felt, was just so warming to my heart.

I have to say he feels like one of the Staff already.

Thank you again to the Fisher Agency for working tireless with us to make this happen. And a BIG THANK YOU TO DAVEY!!!  – Kristin Erika Witherspoon – Willamette ESD

Davey was nothing short of amazing. His presentation was impactful and really resonated with all in attendance. He was able to adjust his presentation from high school to middle school masterfully. 6 presentations in 2 days was quite a feat and he hit it out of the park. I intend to have him back in the future to share his incredible story.   Jim Dumont – Jostens Rep. –  Fox School District Programs

Loved him! I’ve seen Davey speak 4 times now and I have enjoyed every one of the experiences. He truly connects with the kids. I was also surprisingly shocked at the overwhelmingly positive response from the 125+ faculty members that did a session with him too. I figured many of them would be put off by his appearance or frankness, but they lined up at the end to shake his hand, talk to him, take pictures with him, etc. We would definitely have him back again! .  Becky Moisan – Mountain Shrewsbury High School – Reality Check

Davey was an excellent presenter for our community! He has a gift of being able to relate to individuals of all age groups in helping them understand the importance of such a sensitive subject, and also in encouraging people to not be afraid to ask someone for help, or helping someone who is in crisis. It was amazing to hear his story, and to hear what he has been doing to try to help others. It was a great pleasure to have Davey as a presenter, and we look forward to trying to work with him again in the future.   – Erin Massey – Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics

Davey was the keynote speaker at our assembly to launch Unity Week – the students felt like he was relatable and he was able to connect with them in a way many speakers don’t.   His impact at Sherwood High School will last long beyond the assembly.   Stephanie Matheson – Sherwood High School

Davey Muise travels from Oregon