Rashida Jolley is one of the hottest music and speaking personalities America’s today. She is a former Ms America contestant, was a hit on America’s Got Talent and is now a featured performer on the hottest pop tour in the world, The Lady Gaga Tour!

Rashida Jolley speaks to young people across America and in other countries on topics of self –esteem and how to make wise choices that will impact your long term success. She has appeared on countless TV programs including: MTV, BET, FOX, ABC, C-Span, The E! Cable Show, and even Belgium TV. In print Ms. Jolley has been featured in Vogue Magazine, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, US Weekly Magazine and in numerous teen and women’s magazines. Her radio coverage ranges from programs like Voice of America to networks like Radio One.

Rashida developed her dynamic entertaining speaking manner from her years on the stage as a speaker and during her time in the Ms America contest and America’s Got Talent programs. She has an innate ability to inform and inspire audiences toward higher levels of achievement. With humor and riveting insight, Rashida speaks straight from the heart. Her authority and wisdom are born from her hard-won personal experience and acclaimed professional expertise.



The product of a great line of musicians and motivational speakers…Her dad Noble Jolley Sr. was the first jazz major to ever graduate from Howard University and her uncle is world renowned motivational speaker and best selling author, Willie Jolley. Rashida has a spoken at groups as diverse as beauty contests to juvenile detention centers, from middle and high school assemblies and universities to churches, national embassies and the US Congress. She was the youngest member appointed by the President of the United States to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. Rashida has spoken for numerous community and health organizations around the country such as the Congressional Black Caucus, Best Friends for Girls Foundation, Project Reality, Health and Human Services Administration of Children and Families and Departments of Health throughout the country.

Her presentations cover a variety of subjects and include success stories in education, leadership, and healthy choices. She speaks on “The Three Keys to Success” (Self Esteem, Self Respect and Self Control), goal setting and lifestyle tips for healthy relationships. With her personal motto “Take Action, and Make your Dreams Happen!” this powerful speaker and songstress has produced an abundance of awards, citations and accolades. A world-class speaker, singer, harpist and performer who the world now gets to see first hand as part of the Lady Gaga Tour…Rashida Jolley!

Speaking Programs

Ms. Jolley also shares from her personal experiences, such as making a decision at a young age to remain abstinent until marriage. She speaks on “The Three Keys to Success (Self Esteem, Self Respect and Self Control)”, goal setting and lifestyle tips for healthy relationships. As an expert in abstinence, she has briefed congressional representatives, congressional staffers and political organizations on abstinence education.

With her personal motto “Take Action, and Make your Dreams Happen!” this powerful speaker and songstress has produced an abundance of awards, citations and accolades. She was one of 7 finalist for the “Quality of Life Award” at the 2001 Miss America Pageant, and is the recipient of: The “2008 Impact Award” from the National Abstinence Clearinghouse for greatest positive influence on youth throughout the country; The ”2008 Excellence In Music Award” from the Best Friends Foundation; The “ 2004 Tomorrow’s Leader Award “ from Black America’s Political Action Committee; And the “2001 Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award “ from Generations United to name a few.

Rashida touches and changes the lives of thousands yearly; this continually ignites publication partnerships and leadership alliances throughout the country. Rashida’s system of “total immersion” produces the education, the strategies and the momentum for measurable and lasting change.