Affectionately known as “The Speaker for the Dreamer,” Shaun’s expertise in effective youth engagement derives from his 10 years in youth development (R.E.A.C.H. Communications, Inc), 8 years in prevention (Youth to Youth International), and 5 years in philanthropic event planning.  His most notable work has been in Character Development serving such worthy causes as The Mississippi Department of Education’s Drop Out Prevention program, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York Youth Advocate team training, The National Police Activities League, and ABC Virginia’sYouth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Project. Most recently, Shaun was asked to host the West Virginia Gamechangers Opioid Awareness Conference  where he engaged and inspired 13,000 students live with 140,000 young people viewing on webcast.


For over 10 years, Speaker and Performing Artist, Shaun Derik, has dedicated his life to helping people, young and old, reconnect with their passion and go after their dreams. Through his dynamic message delivery, which is a blend of music and comedy, audience members leave Shaun’s presentations feeling motivated and energized; as a result are encouraged to take massive steps towards the achievement of their life-long goals.

Shaun learned early about the power of a mentor and having that positive reinforcement of someone else’s feedback. Shaun struggled through his grade school years, and like so many young people, developed a low self-esteem and turned to music as an outlet for his emotions. Frequently Shaun would stay behind after school ended, sneak into the music room and play the piano. One day the music teacher heard Shaun playing the piano; he let Shaun finish his piece and then came into the room and gave, what Shaun refers to as, “the greatest gift of all” a compliment that forever changed Shaun’s life. As the “Speaker for the Dreamer” Shaun represents that support system needed to be triumphant and truly believes that with hard work and consistency, anything is possible!

Throughout grade school, Shaun studied dance and theater and after high school immersed himself into arts and entertainment industry, landing several commercials and producing his own stage plays. It wasn’t until enrolling in a public speaking course in college that he found his calling. “I knew nothing would ever give me more joy than encouraging people through the power of communication.” So, that is what he set out to do and has not looked back!

Shaun moved to New York City and founded Dreamsong, a production company designed to deliver inspirational and relevant content for today’s dreamer. His most recent projects include the audio series, “Dreams & Detours” and the reality web-series “JourneyMe.”

Shaun Derik travels from New York