Award-winning artist and speaker, Ben Glenn has been getting standing ovations since 1994. His dynamic and highly relatable presentations have been received with great enthusiasm by groups as large as 70,000 people at the old Pontiac Silverdome, and as small as 65 football player before a season game.

Whether you are looking for a quick 30 minute live art demonstration or a half day seminar, Ben’s presentations are customizable to fit your group’s needs. A common theme of overcoming life’s challenges is part of every presentation and Ben skillfully intertwines it with your event’s theme by utilizing a blend of engaging stories with practical application and a live art demonstration. Ben’s passion and life’s work revolves around personal growth, mental wellness and becoming the best possible version of yourself.

For over twenty years, Ben’s charisma and energy have helped him to meaningfully engage groups as varied as insurance industry professionals, optometrists, truck drivers, nursing home caregivers, cafeteria workers, salespeople, educators, and everyone in between. His presentations are perfect for event planners in search of “something different” to make their events more impactful and memorable.

Ben is prompt, professional and cheerful in all interactions. His team will ensure all details are communicated and handled ahead of time, meaning no stress and no surprises.

Finally, as much as Ben loves being a speaker and performing artist, he loves being a husband and father more. Married for over twenty-five years, he, his wife and two daughters live in a great Midwesterm city called Indianapolis.


Ben struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) throughout his formative years, ultimately finding it impossible to stay interested in school and leaving following his junior year in college. Although his ADD caused him to struggle academically, it proved to be a perfect companion in his career as a performer, creator, and educator. Rather than let it hold him back, he chose to be inspired by his condition. He uses it as a tool for writing, speaking, painting and performing his live art presentation.

Ben’s speaking engagements began spontaneously after his short-lived collegiate career when he was presented with the opportunity to tell his story at small church camps and conferences. He has since expanded his outreach by working with corporations, schools, and professional sports teams across the US and internationally. Since Ben is not your typical speaker, but also a performing artist, his presentation captivates any group, regardless of age, gender, or professional background.

Ben Glenn travels from Indiana