Desi Williamson has mastered the art of empowering people. The results of his insightful, motivational keynote, half day or full day presentations ignite teams that are much more inspired to raise their standard of performance, a culture that cultivates and develops better leaders and a fundamental organizational shift that fosters being a master of change rather than a victim of circumstances.

His Hall-of-Fame career in professional speaking was brought to a screeching halt when he suffered a serious fall and broke his neck in two places. Along the path from paralysis to recovery, he discovered new perspectives on life. His life’s work is dedicated to showing people how they can do more than survive turbulent times—he shows them how to succeed despite their adversities.

No doubt, we’re living in some very turbulent times, but with challenges also come opportunities… it’s all a matter of perspective! Desi gives his audiences the inspiration and tools necessary to succeed regardless of circumstances or conditions.

After surviving the mean streets of St. Louis, he had a successful career in sales and marketing with Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, Rain Bird Sprinkler Manufacturing, Johnson Wax Company, Dr. Pepper/Snapple, where he built multi-million dollar businesses, managed multi-million budgets, and developed the potential in people. He also developed his own successful businesses in real estate, retail, distribution and franchise sales.

Although, Desi had achieved success in the business arena, there was something more compelling that he wanted to do with his life. With a burning desire to help others, in 1996 he founded Impact!! Seminars Unlimited, Inc., a company dedicated to helping organizations increase productivity through empowered people.


He’s the author a of best selling video learning system for personal development now utilized by more than 150 prisons across the country, as well as his first book, Get Off Your Assets!…How to Deal With the Challenges of Life—and Win!

His new book, WHERE THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY!…Succeeding in the Face of Turbulent Times shows people how to take charge of adversity and use their willpower to create the circumstances they desire.

In 2004, Williamson was inducted into the CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame, where he joined such notable figures as President Ronald Reagan, General Colin Powell, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. He also received the coveted Certified Speaking Professional award, the highest earned designation by the National Speaker Association.

Desi has helped many organizations including Fortune 500 companies, associations, and professional sports teams. He’s led both union and exempt employee organizations, successfully executed massive marketing initiatives, and been a part of two major restructurings. That means you get concrete solutions to the challenges you face from a seasoned professional whose been
in the trenches, empowering your people to stretch beyond their comfort zone and discover new opportunities.

He is consistently offered encore performances, in part because his programs are uniquely customized to your industry, your market niche, and your team. This ensures immediate impact and return on investment.For these reasons, Desi is known throughout the country as Mr. Impact!

Desi Williamson travels from Minnesota