Monti’s passion for helping students stems from the adversity he faced early on in life.  Forced to live in poverty due to his mother’s drug addiction, Monti grew up sleeping on cardboard boxes, living in parks, and being abused by foster parent after foster parent.  Until 8th grade Monti was in special Ed. Classes and was held back on two separate occasions.  Despite this adversity, Monti went on to obtain two college degrees, become an award winning poet, published author, activist, and nationally recognized actor appearing in several commercials and shows and currently staring in Tyler Perry’s Bruh.


The first 5 years of his speaking career was spent co-founding a motivational speaking arts group in Arizona known as Truality!  During this time, Monti worked extensively with local k-12 schools, outreach organizations, and juvenile detention centers.

With his performance background and innate ability to create an experience for every event, Monti has mastered the ability to get people to take any card they’ve been dealt in life, and use it to their advantage!

Monti Washington travels from California.