Welcome to the world of Ben Glenn, a renowned speaker who has been captivating audiences since 1995 with his unique blend of inspiration, education, and entertainment. Known for his dynamic speaking at corporate events and professional development sessions, Ben leverages his extensive experience to connect profoundly with adult audiences. His presentations, however, go beyond traditional speaking. They include a remarkable ‘Speedscape’ live art performance, set to beautiful music, which adds an element of surprise and delight. This audio-visual experience, unparalleled in its impact, transforms each event into a memorable and powerful journey, anchoring his storytelling in a potent and artistic expression.


While primarily focused on adult groups, Ben’s vibrant energy and relatable approach also resonate strongly with teens and young adults. His journey with ADHD has not only shaped his life but also enriched his presentations, allowing him to connect deeply with diverse audiences. Beyond the podium, Ben is an accomplished author, artist, and founder of the Chalkguy Foundation, all facets that add depth to his insightful speeches. Discover how Ben Glenn can inspire your next event and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Ben Glenn travels from Indiana