“My message is clear and simple 10 seconds is all it takes to change a life forever.” Bobby Petrocelli speaks these words from experience. A drunk driver crashed through his bedroom and killed his wife. Bobby was seriously injured, but by no means is he a victim. Instead, he turned TRADEGY into TRIUMPH. As a high school teacher, counselor and coach at the time of the accident, he developed a strong passion to reach out to young people everywhere.

Now, as a motivational speaker, he encourages teens to live a triumphant life and find the faith, hope and love that they are searching for. He emphasizes making positive choices at all times, even under pressure. Those who experience Bobby leave motivated by his awesome story, refreshed by his charismatic personality and warmth, and empowered to face their personal challenges.



Bobby’s professional experience includes 11 years as an educator, counselor and coach. He holds a Masters degree in Counseling. He is author and co-author of eight different motivational books. His powerful story is presented in Triumph Over Tragedy. His latest book is 10 Seconds IS Changing Lives Forever: Letters of Hope. His story has been featured on Geraldo, Sally Jesse Raphael, The Hour of Power and The Family Channel.

Speaking Programs

Triumph Over Tragedy (Youth/Adults)
Bobby’s life changing story is one of personal triumph . . . instilling hope and courage in all of us. One night he went to bed in suburban America, a happy man with a loving wife. When he woke up dazed in his dining room, his wife was dead and his life forever changed! The pickup truck that crashed through his bedroom wall was driven by a man who was nearly twice legally drunk. His Triumph Over Tragedy will change your life!

10 Seconds: The Power of One Decision (Youth/Adults)
Discover the power of one decision. Learn how each choice either strengthens or weakens your foundation. Things don’t just happen. The habits, patterns, and decisions of everyone impact our entire world. Learn how to build a strong foundation one brick, one decision at a time!

“Virtue Reality” (Youth/Adults)
Have we lost our edge? What happened to the essentials of good character? For us to be successful, we must return to Virtue Reality consisting of Responsibility, Courage, Compassion, Loyalty, Honesty, Hard Work, Self-discipline, Persistence, Faith, and Friendship. An exciting character building program as it inspires the virtues in all of us.

Bobby Petrocelli travels from Florida