Does your school have issues that demand immediate attention? Then Aaron Davis can empower your students and staff to take positive action before tough issues become headlines.

Based on his expertise and life experiences, he thoroughly understands the importance of making the right decisions early in life, as well as the dreaded consequences of following the wrong crowd.

Aaron has been where your students are today and he has experienced first-hand some of the success that they seek tomorrow. Because of his enthusiasm and passion for seeing young people’s lives change, he is known, nationwide, as the Enthusiator.


Aaron holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and was a member of the 1994 National Championship football team.

He has spent countless hours with young people in junior and senior high schools, colleges, and juvenile detention centers. He has worked directly with youth as Urban Outreach Director for Campus Life, and as an Educational Specialist for the University of Nebraska.

Aaron is co-author of the books: The Making of an Unshakeable Character and The Heart of a Difference Maker and is the author of the inspiring book, The Truth About Success.

Aaron Davis travels from Nebraska