Over the past 23 years, Aric has been an Education and Corporate Speaker and Trainer.  He has spoken to over half a million people at conferences, events, and school districts from coast to coast. His audiences include students, educators, principals, superintendents and parents at School Districts and National, State, and Regional Education Conferences.  He has also been an Employee Engagement Speaker for Corporations and Human Resources Conferences in the USA and Canada.

During the course of his education career, as a High School teacher and coach, he created and led a student leadership club that was featured on television for its success. As a national speaker he created a summer leadership camp, an online professional development course for educators, an online college readiness program for students, and a college readiness curricula for students.

Building on a professional interest in leadership and relationships in the workplace, he has spent the last several years studying an attachment-informed approach to leadership, drawing on the work of some of the leading academics in this emerging area of leadership theory and practice.



Aric’s 23 years in education and corporate leadership speaking and training can be seen as comprising three distinct phases:

School teacher (1998 to 2002) – During the first phase, starting in 1998, Aric learned what it was like to be a teacher and sports coach.  During this time, he drew on his original teacher training, other specialist in-service training, and the support of more experienced educators and school leaders.

National speaker (2000 to 2018) – As a national speaker (Aric’s ‘Fired Up’ program), he spoke to over half a million people (students, educators, HR managers, corporate employees, and executives) over an 18-year period.  For this work, he drew on his own time in the classroom, an understanding of positive psychology (including CBT tools and techniques), and feedback from colleagues and clients.  During this time, he became increasingly interested in the welfare of senior leaders in the corporate world and the welfare of school principals and superintendents in education, as well as the distinctive needs of educators in rural education settings.

Leadership trainer (2018 to present) – In 2018, Aric decided to combine his teaching and speaking experience with his interest in the welfare of education and corporate senior leaders, to create and start delivering a new range of training, based on the latest attachment and brain science (Aric’s Attachment-informed Leadership program). Given his understanding of the distinctive needs of educational and corporate settings and their leaders (gained while working with them as a national speaker), he decided that he needed to strengthen the theoretical underpinning for his work.  He did this by developing an understanding of modern attachment science (the quality and development of relationships over the life course), and interpersonal neurobiology (the neuroscience of attachment).  During this time, he also started working with an attachment-informed leadership specialist.

Aric Bostik  travels from Utah.