“One of only five members on the Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Skydive Team, Kenyon Salo is seen each week flying into Broncos Stadium at 60+mph, ending with a soft tip-toe landing on the ten yard line. With over 6000 skydives under his belt and travels that have taken him all around the world, he’s determined to live life to the fullest and help others do the same.

Through his passions for adventure, storytelling, and connecting with people, he found a simple process to guide others on a path to what most of us crave – living a more fulfilled life. In this session, you’ll receive actionable steps that will help you, both personally and professionally, to achieve anything you desire.

We hope you’re as excited as we are and look forward to seeing you at the event soon!”



“He has dedicated himself to living life to the fullest and helping others do the same. Through his passions for adventure, storytelling, and connecting with people, he found a simple process that he’s going to share with us today to guide us on a path to what most of us crave – living a more fulfilled life.”

Speaking Programs


Opening or Closing Conference Keynote

Tailored to 60, 75 or 90 Minutes

”The Bucket List Life” – Create More Experiences, Share More Stories, and Live More Fulfilled!

This high energy, [opening, or closing] keynote session, will perfectly set the stage during [your conference event]. Powerfully delivered by Kenyon Salo, who is the ‘James Bond of Speaking’, you will learn how the three simple concepts of The Bucket List Life will guide you through your life long journey.

See the creation of phenomenal experiences, hear the sharing of inspirational stories, and ultimately feel like you are living more fulfilled by helping others along the way. The Bucket List Life and Kenyon Salo will lift you up both personally and professionally.

We know that you will find immense value from this [Leadership, Team Building, Customer Service, Sales, Inspiration/Motivation] presentation.

Presented by: Kenyon Salo

Breakout Session

Training, Facilitating, Building on Keynote Concepts

Tailored to 60, 90 or 120 Minutes

How To Breakthrough And Become A Checklist Destroyer

A deep dive expansion of the ever powerful ‘Ladder Piece’ as presented in the The Bucket List Life Keynote – Kenyon will share the powerful skill sets to use the four simple steps of becoming a checklist destroyer, which will help you personally and professionally in all areas of your life.

As visionary of The Bucket List Life, Kenyon will add immense value to your overall conference/event experience through a set of fun, interactive, intellectual and powerful learning experiences.

By experiencing his simple and proven four step training system of listen, watch, connect and share, you will walk away with the tools needed to visualize your truest desires, set your loftiest life goals, take the most powerful actionable steps, and stand strong in your biggest commitments.

This process will become a deep and strong foundation in your life to use time and time again in achieving your ultimate dreams of living a fulfilled and happy life.


We brought in Mr. Kenyon Salo and he did a phenomenal job speaking to our group!

We brought him in for many reasons, but the number one reason is that we really feel that taking care of our employees means that each and every one of them come to work every day fulfilled and he was a part of bringing that full circle, so our employees can fulfill their lives both at work and at home.

The biggest “ah-ha” moment I had from Kenyon, despite my cheeks that are hurting and the fact that I’m out of breath from laughing so hard, is that we can make a difference to the person sitting next to you. And if you just reach out and you just give someone the opportunity to share a story, it could change the world.

For two years now, BASE and Nutrition Services has been operating under the theme called The Power of One. We use this in our own employee meeting last year and it tied into this year, as well, which is we are one district, we have one voice, and we give our kids one experience.

Today, Kenyon was able to show that just by being you, just by reaching across the aisle and maybe saying yes to someone new or to something new, we can build that experience for our kids and be the power of one.

Kenyon is the Energizer Bunny. When I got up to give my closing remarks to my team, I was out of breath. That’s how fun it was and my cheeks literally hurt.

I would highly recommend Kenyon Salo for almost any event you have. He can speak to a diverse population about a topic that can hit everyone close to home. Molly Brandt –  Director of Nutrition –  Adams 12 Five Star Schools

We had the privilege of having Kenyon Salo come on in and I had a chance to just sit back and watch his amazing energy and ability to motivate 500 young kids, which isn’t easy. It’s not an easy group to speak to, and yet, he has that unique skill set and talent that embraces them, makes them feel comfortable with themselves, and then extracts from them deeper feelings and energy that you just know will benefit them for the rest of their lives. He’s unique and there are very few speakers that I’ve heard that have that capacity to do what he did for our organization.

I think Kenyon’s presentation, just from a theatrical point of view, was spectacular. The body language that he has, the energy that he has, everything about it is great, but through that body energy and through the language, you come away with a sense that we all have a responsibility to do something. – the first thing we have to do is genuinely give to somebody without asking for anything in return and just hope that we have the confidence to know that that won’t be wasted time.

I would love to have had Kenyon at every event that I’ve ever had. I would love to have his energy always there and I’d love to continue to find those handful of people that have the capacity to generate energy the way that he does. I would absolutely recommend him!  Dr. Bill Magee, Jr. – Sno Co-Founder & CEO – Operation Smile

We had Kenyon Salo come in and speak to our group. He was absolutely inspirational. We laughed so much, and we cried. It was extremely emotional. He inspired us to look within ourselves and to see what connections we have with one another and how we want to give back.

We’ve been bringing in speakers annually for about 14 years, and we have really looked for people who have an engaging presence, have a lot of charisma. We absolutely want that humor, but we want someone who’s gonna provide a lasting message, and Kenyon did that in a really strategic way. He made us reflect on how we can be better.

I would completely recommend Kenyon Salo. He was energizing. He had us up. He had us moving. He had us talking to one another. He had inspirational videos. The hour flew by.

People were still lingering and talking after the event, and that’s just clear-cut evidence of an incredible speaker, when people don’t even want to leave.  Diane Lauer – Career Assistant Superintedent – St. Vrain School District

I’ve been the State Advisor for DECA for the past 11 years and I’d probably say Kenyon is the number one speaker we’ve ever brought in.

What Kenyon has to say ties into our mission statement extremely well; we want to build young entrepreneurs and we want to build the leaders of tomorrow. The topics that he touches on and how he presents it leads directly to that – to be that individual, to step up, to come forward, to make yourself that better person that’s going to go on and do something in life.

Kenyon came to our Colorado Marketing Education Association Conference for a conference for our professional organization and presented a keynote at our conference. The advisors there loved it, thought he’d be great for our kids so we decided to bring him to our State Conference.

The past experiences with keynote speakers we’ve brought in have been the students getting very disconnected from the speaker. The kids aren’t energized. Kenyon was given a great challenge: a 60-minute presentation to over 3,000 high school kids and to keep them energized and active. He accepted the challenge and he told me that if he couldn’t keep them involved and active in what he was saying, then he wasn’t doin’ his job. We’ve had a couple speakers come in that had gotten the kids involved – maybe 30 minutes worth. He was able to get the kids involved… he got them up out of their seats, thinking, laughing, and cheering.

Following the presentation, I talked to many advisors as well as a lot of the kids and they LOVED it. They said they’ve never seen anybody be able to hold a student organization with 3,000 kids sitting there for 60 minutes, in chairs, with complete attention for an entire 60 minutes. Some of the comments made were, “I can’t believe that this guy has got our kids involved, and I mean TOTALLY involved, in what he was doing and saying.“

High school kids are a tough audience. These days, every kid’s got a smartphone so it would have been very easy for kids to sit there with a phone and just ignore the speaker but they didn’t because he did such a great job of keeping everyone engaged. In addition, when he came to our Colorado Marketing Education Association conference, he had a presentation there for almost an hour and a half with a room full of adults and there wasn’t a single advisor that got up and left. I think, all levels, whether it be corporate level, high school level, college, whatever it may be, the topic and the way that he presents it can be for all audiences. Thanks to Kenyon, I mean, it’s been fantastic. The advisors all said it was amazing; it held the kids’ attention, the kids were excited when they left the general session and they were talking about it. If you can get 3,000+ kids off their telephones, and you get them excited at what that presentation was about, that’s a success.

I would absolutely recommend Kenyon 100%. If you are able to get him for your event, get him!   Ev Vaughan – Snow State Advisor – Colorado DECA

He asked us to move around a lot and tell people what was on our bucket list. For me that’s traveling somewhere, and he said, “Is this something that you can do in the next year?” And I thought about it, “Yeah, I guess it is something that I can do in the next year.” I think the timing of this was perfect – it just really hit me today with what he was saying, if it’s something you wanna do, just go for it.

He used the ladder to say, “Here’s where we are if you have something that you desire and if your environment is taking away from that, you need to follow what you want to do.” So that was just really impactful for me, especially where I’m at right now in life.

If you wanna go to college, go for it. If you wanna go to work, find something that will make you happy. If you wanna travel, go for it. So it was just very, very impactful for me, and I’m sure it touched a lot of other people.  Trevor  – Student – Arvada West High School

Kenyon was our closing speaker at our annual national teacher conference. He really knocked it out of the park with his message, energy and inspiration! Couldn’t have asked for a better ending to our weekend show!   Dan Hebert –  Director of Professional Development –  Jump$tart Coalition

Kenyon Salo  travels from Colorado.