Javier Sanchez has a passion for moving youth and adults from inspiration to action using a masterful blend of comedy, poetry, and powerful storytelling. Whether speaking to an audience of thousands or leading hands-on interactive workshops for small groups, Javier’s goal remains the same; equipping people with the skills, tools, resources, information, and inspiration to experience life to the fullest in a healthy, positive, and productive way. His diverse background and incredible life experiences enable him to reach the hearts and minds of audiences from all walks of life.

Javier’s message can be considered counter-culture in that it isn’t one that encourages people to strive for success at any and all costs. More and more research shows how detrimental constant comparison to others and pressure to always be perfect can be to our physical, mental, and emotional health. Javier understands that being successful on paper does not guarantee you are thriving. However, individuals who are thriving most likely will experience measurable successes along the way. Javier wants audiences to understand that the opportunity to thrive can start by simply smiling, giving thanks, and serving others.

As an author, performer, and speaker, Javier has had the opportunity to deliver his life-building messages to youth and adults all over the world. He has shared his story with audiences in 10 different countries and almost every state in the US. The second best part of the work Javier does is seeing people come to life by realizing their past does not have to disqualify them from their future and life can begin with the choices we make from this moment on. The best part of the work Javier does is coming home to his beautiful family.



Javier is recognized both nationally and internationally as a leader in developing effective strategies for youth and community mobilization. His experience and expertise come from more than 20 years of work with the Youth to Youth International Program. He believes that change for the better in our world, our country, our communities, and our schools isn’t just happening to young people, it’s happening through them. Javier specializes in helping teens and their adult allies develop strategies for relevant, effective and sustainable community impact. In 2003 he was awarded the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Developing Leaders in Reducing Substance Abuse Fellowship and is a graduate of the Ray Miller Institute for Change and Leadership. His company, R.E.A.C.H. Communications, Inc. (Reaching Excellence in Attitude, Character, and Health) is a boutique marketing firm that uses the “by youth, for youth” approach to create cutting-edge health and wellness messages and communication strategies that effectively reach and engage our most disenfranchised communities and vulnerable populations.

Javier has written two books, a children’s book for fathers and daughters entitled “Look in My Mirror” and a book designed to help students, artists, activists, and entrepreneurs add process to their passion entitled “From This Moment On.” He also works behind the scenes as a technical consultant on film and TV projects. His love for stand-up comedy has given him the opportunity to perform at comedy clubs all over the United States as well as the world-famous Lincoln Theater in New York City and even Disney World!

When he’s not doing the work he loves, Javier is most likely at  home playing board games with his family, reading a good book, or teaching himself how to play the piano.

Javier received his BA in Behavioral Studies from Capital University.

Speaking Programs

From students, parents, staff members, and educators to artists, activists, and entrepreneurs, Javier offers engaging, relevant, and impactful keynotes, assemblies, trainings, and workshops for people who are serious about adding effective processes to their passion and purpose. When it comes to content delivery, Javier doesn’t believe one size fits all. He will tailor his presentations to meet your content, audience size, time, and programming needs. Javier’s goal is to speak on behalf of your school, organization, community, or company and not instead of it.


Keynote / Assembly programs (45 – 60 minutes)


From This Moment On

As human beings one of the greatest powers we possess is the power to choose. This program reminds audiences that their personal power to change their lives and change the world around them starts with the choices they make from this moment on. Your past does not have to disqualify you from your future and amazing things can start to happen in your life the moment you realize this and recognize how valuable and necessary each of us truly are. This life-building message delivered through comedy, poetry, and powerful storytelling is guaranteed to move your audience from inspiration to action!


From This Moment On…Thrive

Our culture encourages us to strive for success at any and all costs. More and more research is showing how detrimental constant comparison to others and pressure to always be perfect can be to your physical, mental, and emotional health. Just because you are successful on paper does not guarantee you are thriving. However, individuals who are thriving often experience measurable successes along the way. This presentation reminds participants that it’s okay to not be okay all the time and that we can choose to positively cope and thrive even in the midst of life’s most challenging circumstances.


Training / Workshop (60 – 120 minutes)

From This Moment On…Say it Loud, Live it Louder

Young people have been told too often and for too long that they are the “future” or they are “tomorrow’s leaders”. The message this sometimes sends is that they cannot impact their homes, schools, and communities in a positive way right now. This highly engaging and interactive workshop trains young people and their adult allies to identify opportunities to impact schools, communities, and individual lives for the better right now and to get involved in solution-based action planning. If change for the better is going to happen, it can’t just happen to young people, it must happen through them.


Who C.A.R.E.S.? – Keys to Moving 21st Century Students from Inspiration to Action

Young people gravitate toward, respond to, and are willing to learn from adults they believe truly C.A.R.E. about them. Before the learning and development process can begin it is vital that we establish a culture of C.A.R.E. within our homes, schools, programs, and communities. As adults, we have a responsibility to awaken this generation to the chances they have to experience life to the fullest in healthy, positive, and productive ways. We are also called to be allies, using a trauma-informed approach to help them navigate the choices they’re making every day that matter most. Participants will walk away with a new or renewed passion for youth engagement as well as impact tools and resources that are immediately applicable, engaging, relevant, and fun. It’s time to listen, react, share, and do our part to demonstrate to our young people that we truly C.A.R.E.


You were utterly amazing and the biggest hit of the school year!  Ronna G. – School Admimistrator 

Your message changed my life. You actually made me look at my life in a whole new way. Manuel – High School Student

I loved your message. I am a victim of bullying and your message really moved me. I just wanted to say thanks because it really made me feel better about myself.    D –  Freshman

Javier Sanchez was dynamic and engaging as he shared his message of elevating others around you. He was able to connect to the work of Dr. Martin Luther King and helped us celebrate him at our all school assembly. He utilized humor and personal stories to share his message. We highly recommend Javier!  Leslie Tuomisto- Arlington High School – Assistant Principal

 Javier requested information about our goals for the year and incorporated them into his presentation! He listened! He engaged students through humor and his story, and then kept them captivated as he presented his message. The variety of messages within his presentation provided all students an opportunity to be challenged. Javier genuinely chose to connect with the student body, and we were grateful for his choice to be with us.   Terri Corwin – Glacier Peak High School

You have an awesomeconnection with the workshop attendees and when you present, we notice a levelof change in the air.  You are simply awesome!  So knowledfeable, so committed, so powerful, in word and deed.

Thank you for heeding to our call for your serveces   Melony Brunson –  UMADAOP

Javier Sanchez travels from Ohio