Michael Pritchard is an amazing man—a nationally acclaimed speaker with a big heart, strong character, and a presentation style that makes him a master.

Drawing from his background as a probation officer, educator, and comedian, he presents in-depth programs for all ages. Using clean humor and real-life experiences, Michael educates as he entertains. His unique ability to reach a vast audience with his gift of humor and wisdom allows him to inspire positive change in schools, the workplace, and communities.

Teens, educators, parents, and community groups gain renewed energy which stimulates confidence and a positive outlook for the future.


During his successful career, Michael has been featured on the “Johnny Carson Tonight Show” and has performed on stage with Robin Williams, Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld. His voice is used in a variety of commercials, cartoons and animated specials, including Round Table Pizza, Lucas Films and Disney’s “Captain Eo.” His film and television appearances include the movie “The Right Stuff” and an Emmy award winning episode of “Taxi.”

Appearing in the new independent documentary The Happy Movie, Michael Pritchard helps us understand how to measure happiness. Please look at the video right above.

What really makes people happy? Explore this often elusive emotion with the film screening of Happy, the movie by Academy Award Nominated and Sundance-Audience Award-Winning director Roko Belic, presented by The Kanbar Center for the Performing Arts at the Osher Marin JCC. Combining powerful interviews with leading scientists who research happiness and real life stories from ordinary and extraordinary people across 14 countries (such as Robert Diener, Matthieu Ricard, the Dalai Lama), Happy unravels the secrets behind our most valued emotion. Following the screening, guests will be treated to a discussion with Belic and special guest Michael Pritchard, award-winning advocate and keynote speaker who has worked with children and teenagers nationwide to promote healthy attitudes, kindness and nonviolence.

Michael Pritchard travels from California