Hailing from Imperial, Nebraska, Mike Smith has dedicated his life to creating impactful changes in youth outreach and education. As a Stanford-certified Design Your Life Coach, he offers unique insights and a dynamic approach to inspire both the youth and the adults who work with them.

Mike is the proud founder of The Bay, a groundbreaking 501(c)(3) nonprofit that’s gained national recognition from sponsors like Red Bull, Vans, and State Farm. But his dedication to youth development didn’t stop there. Expanding on the success of The Bay, Mike made his boldest move yet: co-founding Bay High, an LPS public school designed to revolutionize the way we think about education and youth development.

Booking Mike isn’t just about securing a speaker, it’s about igniting a spark that could redefine the way you approach youth engagement and development. Mike offers more than just motivational words; he provides real, actionable strategies that have been shaped by his extensive experience and undeniable success.

His unique position as a guide to Gen Z, coupled with his entrepreneurial acumen, makes Mike an invaluable resource for those looking to make an impact. Whether your goal is to better understand the Gen Z mindset, enhance your approach to youth outreach, or infuse fresh, innovative ideas into your program or school, Mike Smith can help guide the way.

Mike’s dedication to making a difference is not just his profession, but his passion. By booking Mike, you’re not only inviting an accomplished speaker — you’re inviting transformation, innovation, and an opportunity to shape the future in profound ways.


Mike Smith: Helping Educational Leaders Dream Differently 

Mike Smith, a changemaker and storyteller, has dedicated over a decade to innovating in youth empowerment and education, going beyond advocacy to create real-world impact.

Educational leaders today strive to cultivate environments that do more than impart knowledge; they aim to empower. Navigating beyond the confines of traditional teaching methods, the goal is to foster genuine engagement and meaningful personal growth among students.

A Stanford-certified Design Your Life Coach and Story-Brand Guide &, Mike has redefined educational standards with projects like The Bay, The Harbor TV and Bay High, the latter in partnership with Lincoln Public Schools. These ventures illustrate his commitment to transforming education.

Combining practical experience with storytelling, Mike’s approach helps educational leaders reinvent school cultures, fostering an innovative learning environment that influences students’ futures.

Facilitating a course at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and leading global ‘Design Your Future’ workshops, Mike inspires youth and educators to expand their vision, strategically plan, and lead with renewed creativity.

As a speaker and educational catalyst, for over 15 years Mike Smith has brought engaging, impactful, and accessible ideas to life.

Mike Smith travels from Nebraska