Chris Bowers has been speaking to students since he was one. He uses humor to convey messages of dealing with anxiety, gaining confidence and dealing with frustration in positive ways. Whether singing, dancing or making people laugh he is a consummate performer. Bowers has spoken in 42 states to over two million people in his career. He consistently gets rated the best speaker students have ever seen on conference evaluations. If you’re looking for a home run hitter your students won’t be able to stop talking about he’s your guy.


Chris has appeared as the keynote speaker for Student Council, Key Club, HOBY, BPA, FBLA, DECCA, 4-H, FCCLA, PRIDE and Student Journalism state conferences. He has also presented at the international/national conferences for: Student Council, FCCLA, BPA, PRIDE, LEAD, and HOBY. Chris has worked with the LEAD Scholars at the University of Central Florida. Chris was also accepted as one of only 48 speakers in the prestigious Jostens Speakers Bureau. He has spoken in 42 states and reaches thousands of college, high school and middle school students a year. Chris is also a nationally touring stand-up comedian.

Chris speaks to audiences about the power they have to take risks and to have confidence in themselves. He uses humor to build camaraderie with students so he can encourage them to overcome their fear of failure and fear of what others may think of them. He emphasizes positive ways of dealing with frustration and conflict resolution. Audiences find themselves laughing along as he tells his own personal stories to get his points across. His presentations are dynamic and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Chris Bowers travels from California.