For 20 years, Harriet has challenged teens and adults across North America to make positive life choices through her keynotes, workshops, retreats, school assemblies and corporate presentations – offering her unique, fresh perspective in a world peppered with indifference, complacency and difficult decisions.

Powerful, engaging and insightful, Harriet pulls no punches and connects with her audience when she “tells it like it is”. She weaves her humor and her down-to-earth Southern sensibilities into unforgettable messages, challenging listeners to make positive choices.


Most speakers come from a particular field of expertise. Their training is so brand-specific that they are unable to cross over into different fields. Not so with Harriet Turk.

Since 1985, Harriet has worked as a:

  • Probation Officer
  • Youth Programs Coordinator
  • Flight Attendant
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  • College Professor
  • Nationally known Professional Speaker, Trainer and Consultant

Why different positions in several different fields? Harriet is intrigued by many different careers and loves to work with people. While each position had very different roles, there was one underlying appeal: Connecting with others. In every position, Harriet was regarded as a top performer. In her first year as a pharmaceutical sales rep, Harriet was named Rookie of the Year and the #1 Top Performer. In every position, Harriet was also selected as a trainer, consultant for new programs, and a mentor to new employees.

Harriet will lead your participants on a journey from being ho-hum to being high achievers. Her interactive and energetic presentations combine humor with content, competition with integrity and performance with character.

Harriet Turk  travels from Tennessee