Jared is an award winning singer/songwriter from upstate New York and has toured the country speaking at hundreds of schools and playing with national acts such as Jason Mraz, Gavin Degraw and even Journey! He sold over 20,000 cd’s independently and had his music featured on hit TV shows such as MTV’s “the Real World” and “Road Rules”.

His main focus is allowing his music to impact the lives of his listeners byexperiencing joy, finding comfort through pain, and looking past obstacles towards living a better life. His songs are said to be uplifting, thought provoking and emotionally heartfelt. Jared mixes humor, stories of life on road and personal experience to relate to the audience set before him.

Young people have walked away with life changing experiences such as finding their true passion in life, appreciating others around them and ceasing to bully those that are different, stopping their attempts at suicide and forming life lasting relationships with the friends and family surrounding them.


The Blue Project

The Blue Project is based around a song written by Jared entitled “Catch a Glimpse of Blue”. The basis behind this song is a story Jared tells about being out for a walk one day under a particularly overcast sky. As he walked he noticed this awesome break in the clouds exposing the clear blue sky behind it. He thought to himself, “this sky is that blue every day. It’s just the clouds in front of it that alter our vision of just how blue it is”. Upon this thought he wrote this song relating life to the blue sky in thinking that life can be amazing but you’re bound to get clouds from day to day. The focus needs to be on the blue and the potential each one of us has to be someone great and not on the clouds we face. Everyday we should be striving to “Catch a
Glimpse of Blue”.

During Jared’s show he takes the students through his life as a musician and the struggle that came with pursuing his dream. Throughout his personal stories he interweaves stories of how other people have been affected by his songs throughout the years. His approach to relating to students is unlike any other presenter you will see. He mixes humor with deep emotion and literally takes the listener inside his songs through the use of powerful videos that are played behind him during the show. Students are captivated by his personality and his way with throwing out phrases only they would get. It’s not all about his music though…if need be he will throw the occasional Justin Bieber hit in there or possibly even a tune from Journey so the teachers and staff can rock along with him! He sings about fighting for what you believe you’re capable of becoming, the importance of relationships and why “people need people”, tolerance, bullying and recognizing the great things we have in life and focusing on an amazing future!

Jared Campbell travels from New York