Kyle Willkom has been speaking professionally for the past 8 years, and his messages have reached tens of thousands of people in 46 states. He delivers messages on positivity, leadership, and action through his use of musical comedy and engaging personal stories.


Kyle Willkom is a keynote speaker, author, and entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Action Packed Leadership, LLC – a leadership development company focused on helping young people become the best versions of themselves. His most recent book, Action Packed Leadership – Empowering High School Students to Think Positive, Take Action, and Create Change, was a number 1 best seller on Amazon and is used in leadership classes around the country. Through Kyle’s speaking, books, and online resources, he has reached hundreds of thousands of young people with messages of kindness, positivity, and action. In his free time, Kyle enjoys going on outdoor adventures with his wife, Danielle, being a dad to his daughter, Jovie, eating pizza, and watching Milwaukee Bucks basketball games.

Kyle Willkhom travels from Wisconsin