Patrick T. Grady will revive memories of your childhood! He will prove to you that you did overcome and still have the ability to overcome the challenges of life.

Patrick’s true life stories are examples that everyone can relate to and learn from. His southern style is humorous – yet compelling and meaningful.



Patrick will entertain and motivate your group with both keynote presentations and workshops. His programs are designed to provide insight into the development and honing of communication skills, positive mental attitude, self-perception, personal motivation, teamwork, and recognizing untapped human potential.

Patrick encourages teenagers and adults to look inward for the solutions to the challenges of life.

Speaking Programs

Dare to be Different! (Youth)
This program provides a simulating look at the challenges facing young people in today’s world:

  • Building self-esteem within yourself and others
  • The necessity of having a positive mental attitude
  • Overcoming adversity and problem solving
  • Goal setting
  • Being your best and encouraging others
  • Peer pressure
  • Drug and alcohol abuse.

Bored of Education? (Educators)
Patrick has designed this program specifically for educators. He will cover:

  • Putting humor back into the classroom
  • The importance of self-motivation and motivating students
  • Creating new enthusiasm for education
  • The importance of having a positive mental attitude at work
  • Building self-esteem within your co-workers and students
  • The value of effective communication among peers and administrators to benefit the entire educational system.

Who Packed the Parachute? (Youth/Adults)
Patrick presents:

  • Encouraging true excellence and high performance
  • The importance of service
  • Effective communication
  • Creative leadership
  • Building team spirit
  • Problem solving and overcoming obstacles
  • Preparation and commitment.

Your audience will leave this program with practical insights and a smile!

Patrick Grady travels from Florida